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Founded in 1991 by Dimos Silvestriadis and Panos Nikoulis, the Five Colleges European Club organized lectures with European leaders and social events to educate the Five colleges ( Amherst , Hampshire , Mount Holyoke , Smith Colleges and UMass ) student community on the emerging European Union . Dieter Xiao, Thomas Hofmeister, Kristel Bohm and Nicole Prunier composed the Executive Council of the Club. Faculty advisors were Prof. Eric S. Einhorn (Political Science) and Prof. David Alexander (Geography / Geology ).

From 1991 till 1994, when Dimos graduated, the Club that started with zero funds and charged a $5 life long membership fee, had allocated more than $35,000 in all kinds of events. Detailed archives (including pictures and negatives from each event and EuroHouse parties) have been stored at the University of Massachusetts Special Collections and Archives Department .

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If you are looking for one of the four hundred plus members of the European Club during the 1991-94 period, send me a message.

Articles about the Club

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Highlights 1991-1994

"United States and a Unified Europe: Prospects After 1992", Ambassador Eamonn Gallagher, Head of the Delegation of the Commission of the European Communities to the United Nations. (April 11, 1991) Poster

"The Future of Scandinavian-European Relations", Honorable Henning Christophersen, Vice President of the Commission of the European Communities. (May 1991)

"NATO and the Changing World Order", Dr. Erika V.C. Bruce, Head of the Office of Information and Press of NATO. (October 16, 1991) Poster

"The Role of the Unified Germany After the Collapse of the Soviet Empire", Dr. Walter Gerhardt, Consul General of Germany. (October 24, 1991) Poster

"The Japanese View of the European Unification", Mr. Seigi Hinata, Deputy Consul General of Japan. (November 20, 1991) Poster

"East Central Europe in Transition", Prof. Teresa Rakowska-Harmstone, Carleton University, Canada. (April 2, 1992) Poster

"Debate on the European Unification", Pro: Prof. Ron Tiersky, Political Science, Amherst College, Con: Prof. Fred Abrahamns, University of Bremen, Germany. (April 14, 1992) Poster

"The Automobile Industry Under Global Competition Conditions", Mr. Guiseppe Greco, President & C.E.O. Ferrari North America Inc. (April 23, 1992) Poster

"Panel Discussion: 'Is Europe Dead?'" Prof. William Johnston, History Department, UMass; Prof. Robert McIntyre, Economics Department, Smith College; Prof. Ron Tiersky, Political Science Department, Amherst College (October 8, 1992) Poster

"What Exactly Collapsed in the USSR?", Prof. Richard Wolf, Economics, UMass. (October 15, 1992) Poster

"United Kingdom and a Unified Europe", Mr. John Owen, British Consul General. (November 5, 1992) Poster

Tour of Wall Street, NYSE, NYCE, United Nations and a general tour of New York City.

"US Relations with Europe in a New Era", Mr. Richard Kauzlarich, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Canadian Affairs. (November 12, 1992) Poster

"International Environmental Issues: The European Approach", Mr. Anthony Brenton, Former Head Department of Environment, Science and Energy, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK. (February 25, 1993) Poster

"Crisis in Yugoslavia: The Greek Perspective" Mr. Theofore Passas, Consul of Greece. (March 25, 1993) Poster

"Panel Discussion: 'Touring Europe', Peter Jon Lindberg, Nina Nowak, Rachel Geman, Liz Stein, Managing Editors, Let's Go Travel Guides. (April 15, 1993) Poster

"Demands for Multicultural Education in Europe" Mr. George Papandreou, Former Minister of Education, Greece. (April 21, 1993) Poster

"French Positions on the Uruguay Round and the Future of International Trade" Mrs. Odile Roussel, Former First Secretary, Department of Foreign Affairs, France; Fellow, Harvard Center for International Affairs. (November 4, 1993) Poster

"Being a Woman in Europe" Jacqueline M. Nonon, Senior Official of the European Union. (April 5, 1994) Poster

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