By Dimos
Photos Rome, Tivoli
Rome is probably the best city in Europe. While you can see Madrid, London, Paris in 3 days, you need more than 4 days to see Rome.
What makes it so great?
a. every turn you take, you get surprised by another great can not take enough photos
b. the area with the restaurants is can walk for hours
Day 1
Start from the Roman Forum ( Foro Romano) and Palatine (Palatino), the Imperial Fora (Via Fori Imperiali), the Colosseum (Colosseo), San Piedro in Vincoli (Michelangelo's Moses), Santa Maria Maggiore. Foro di Traiano, Mon. A. Vittorio Emanuelle II, Campidoglio e Musei Capitolini and the plaza del Campidoglio with the long staircase. This will take a full day. Walk on Via del Corso to visit Fontana di Trevi. From there walk to Plaza Navona and then to Campo de' Fiori for dinner.
Day 2
The Vatican Museum (this can take min 2 hours). From there walk to St. Peter's Basilica (min 1 hour). You need to wear long trousers to enter. You can go up to the dome (2 hours). From there, go to Castel Sant' Angelo. You can take a great photo of St.Peter's Basilica and the Square from here. Cross the river and walk to Plaza Navona. Then to San Luigi dei Francesi (paintings by Caravaggio). Last the Pantheon.Walk to the Trastevere area for dinner.
Day 3
Ask how you can take the metro and then the bus to Catacombe Castallina. Plan at least 3 hours as buses are not frequent. Start from Piazza del Popolo (with the twin churches) and walk along Via del Corso until about Via della Croce. Turn left and walk on Via della Croce to Plaza di Spagna, Spanish steps.
Day 4
Take the metro to Rebibbia and from there take the bus to Tivoli. Villa d' Este is inside Tivoli and it is a must with the fountains. For better pictures (with the Sun looking to the fountains), go after 12noon. Villa Adriana is near Tivoli. Basically, it is a collection of ruins. You can take the local bus or a taxi. I did not go to Villa Grecoriana.
Renting a car would help with the Catacombs and Tivoli. You can find parking near the main train station.