By Dimos
  Notes from a 2 day trip to Stockholm in June 2002.  
  If you want to see Swedish people, do not go to Stockholm on Midsummer, June 21. Midsummer is the holiday that EVERYBODY leaves Stockholm to go to the country side. Bars and restaurants are closed...  
  If you have not booked from the Internet, you can get a room via the Hotel desk at the Central Train station. There are also a lot of fast-food places there. Note that the Hotels do not have huge electric lighted signs so you can not spot them easily.  
  They say this is the Bohemian case, or according to others, the least expensive area, the South part of Stockholm. There are not many hotels, or at least I could not find them. There are plenty of bars that close at 1am. I strongly recommend that you go out to this area one night. The street with the most bars is Gotgatan. Just take the metro to (T) to Medborgarplatsen.  
  Nice view  
  There are two places with great view at Sodermalm. (1) Walk on Gotgatan from Medborgarplatsen towards to the old town.Turn right on Hokens G. At the end of the block you will reach Mosebe Torg, a small square. At the corner you will see some steps. Walk up to an area with a restaurant and a great view. (2) Continue walking down on Gotgatan. At the end you will see in front of you the old town. Bear left and look for Hilton Hotel. Walk in front of Hilton's entrance, go up the stairs and then up the hill. Look for small pedestrian streets to your right. As soon as you find one, turn right. You will find yourself into a pedestrian walk with fantastic view of the City Center and the Old Town.  
  Skansen : open air museum  
  Walk down the hill and turn left to the Old Town. On the right side of the bridge is the marina from where the boat to Skansen departs. Take the boat (every 20min in the summer) to go across to Skansen. Once you arrive, follow the crowd. You can buy your Stockholm museum card from the stores outside Skansen. Skansen is a big park separated into small quarters. In each quarter you will find traditional houses from different parts of Sweden. There is also a zoo. In the first quarter you will find a bakery. I strongly suggest you try out one of the traditional pastries. It can take you minimum of 2 hours to walk around and take pictures.  
  Nordiska Museum  
  Once you exit Skansen, take the bus 44 or 47 to Nordiska Museum (2 stops). The museum has a great collection of items across the centuries (all kinds of chairs etc). So if you into "design history" this is great place to visit.  
  Vassa Museum  
  Behind Nordiska Museum is the Vassa Museum. It houses a ship that sank in Stockholm long time ago. It is very unique and worth visiting.  
  City Center  
  Return to the street and get the bus 47 to the City Centre (end of route). Walk towards the wide pedestrian street where all the shops are, Drottinggatan Street. Walk towards the old town. At your right hand side you will see John Chris Cafe at the corner with Brunkebergsgatan. In this place I found the greatest concentration of genuine Swedish women. You can try to meet them or just take a sit by the window and watch the people walk by.  
  Old Town  
  Continue walking straight. It will take you into the old town. There are lots of tourist shops and also the Nobel Museum (which does not have much to see, but a great bookshop dedicated to Nobel winners).  
  Night Out  
  You must go to Opera Cafe located behind the Opera. Dress smart casual. There is an entrance fee but it is a small price to pay for seeing some of Sweden's best looking people. There are a few clubs in Stureplan Square but honestly, Opera Cafe is by far the best.  
  Boat Trip around Skansen  
  With the Stockholm Card you get a free trip around Skansen during certain tour times. It is not really worth paying for it, but if you have purchased the card, you might as well take advantage of the offer.  
  Argipelagos - Vaxholm  
  There are boats departing to many islands of the argipelagos. I suggest you take the boat to Vaxholm, a small island. Trip takes about 1hour. You can take the bus back (40min). The bus takes you to Tube station in Stockholm and from there you can get to the city canter. At Vaxholm you will find nice cafes.