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We strongly encourage all WBS Alumni to keep their contact details up-to-date with the ON-LINE DATABASE hosted by the Alumni Office

Σκοπός των συγκεντρώσεων μας είναι η προώθηση του ονόματος του Warwick Business School στην Ελλάδα.

The purpose of our gatherings is to form the foundation of a community that will try to enhance the value of the WBS degrees in Greece, not only through interpersonal networking, but also through a collective promotion of the Warwick Business School.

Alumni events have been hosted several times. If you want to be invited to the next one, please contact us and WBS Alumni office.

For information relating to activities in Greece, please email Dimos Silvestriadis dimos.silvestriadis@magazino.com
For information relating to WBS, please email the WBS Alumni Office alumni@wbs.ac.uk

Φωτογραφίες από τη συνάντηση που έγινε τη Τετάρτη 13 Νοεμβρίου 2002 στην Αθήνα..
Pictures from the gathering on Wednesday November 13 2002 in Athens...

reunion02Cimg0043s.jpg (22721 bytes)

Vassilis Lazaris [MBA 95/96], Theodora Theodorakopoulou [MSc MSOR 00/01], Stavros Phocas-Cosmetatos [ BSc 01/04], Fanny Sideridou [MSc Pharmaceutical Analysis 00/01], Spyros Papadatos [MBA 00/01], Maria Stefanopoulou [MBA 97/98]

reunion02Cimg0044s.jpg (19300 bytes)

Michael Labrou [MBA 88/89], Evgenia-Tina Iordanidou [MBA 99/00], Korina Tzanou [MBA 94/95]

reunion02Cimg0045s.jpg (21600 bytes)

Helen Bardopoulou [MBA 96/97], friend, Stavros Spilliadis [MBA 96/97], Maria Stefanopoulou [MBA 97/98], Vassiliki Zaka [MBA 89/90], Victor Papakonstantinou [MBA 94/95], Maria Chryssoulaki [MBA 94/95]

Spyros Tzoras [MBA 98/99], Nikos Christodoulou [MBA 94/95], Spyros Samout [MBA 98/99]

Manos Nikolakis [MBA 01/02], Maria Chryssoulaki [MBA 97/98], Dimtris Rousakis [ MBA 01/02], Stefanos Anagnostou [MBA 97/98]

Dimos Silvestriadis [MBA 98/99], Vasiliki Kanellaki [DL MBA], Homer Papadatos [DL MBA]

Organisers: Spyros Samout [MBA 98/99], Maria Chryssoulaki [MBA 97/98], Dimos Silvestriadis [MBA 98/99]

Φωτογραφίες από τη συνάντηση που έγινε τη Πέμπτη 19 Απριλίου 2001 στην Αθήνα..
Pictures from the gathering on Thursday April 19th, 2001 in Athens...

About 60 Alumni were present at the event, 50% MBA, 45% postgraduate and 5% PhD. The bar was packed with people...there was no more space and many were outside the bar

Spyros Tzoras MBA 98/99, Kleber Costa MBA98/99, Costas Contoleon MBA98/99, Margaret..., Spyros Samout MBA98/99, Annita Florou PhD. 2001, Keith Hoskin, Professor Accounting, George Gotzinas MA OS 99/00
Ioanna Dantidi PhD 2000, Christophe Leferbvre MA IR 98/99 [photo reunion2]

X, Y, Tina Iordanidou MBA 99/00, X, Iliana Anagnou-Basioudi MS EF 98/99[photo reunion1]

George Leledakis Phd 2000, ?, George Gotzinas MA OS 99/00, ?, Ilias Basioudis Phd 2000, Cristophe Lefebvre MA IR 98/99[photo reunion6]

MBA 94/95: Dimitris Scapinakis, Nikos Christodoulou, Kornelia Tzanou, Dimitris Frangos, Victor Papakonstantinou[photo class94-95]

MBA 97/98: Maria Stefanopoulou, Maria Chryssoulaki, Konstantinos Bourgiotis, George Lelakis, Stefanos Anagnostou [photo class97-98]

MBA Class 98/99 : Costas Contoleon, Kleber Costa, Dimos Silvestriadis, Spyros Samout, Spyros Tzoras, Iris Alexandri, Maria Mamalaki [photo class98-99]

Tina Iordanidou MBA 99/00, Spyridon Papadatos, MBA 00/01, Eirini Drakaki MBA 00/01, Konstantinos Pagonas MBA 00/01[photo class99-01]

Konstantinos Xenos MBA 95/96, Anna Lioliaki MBA 95/96, Annita Florou PhD 2001, Dimos Silvestriadis MBA 98/99

Organisers Spyros Samout and Dimos Silvestriadis


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